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Alistair Overeem
Alistair Overeem : “Roberto is a great trainer to work with, he’s been my trainer for more than 8 years and he’s one of the reasons of my success. He knows his craft well and it’s a pleasure working with him. The one on one training sessions are always something special as he really takes his time to figure you out and is constantly looking to improve my game. Even a veteran like me learns new things every day. He’s very knowledgeable in the kickboxing and M.M.A. sport and takes his job very seriously. He is always the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. It’s an honor and pleasure to work with such a trainer and overall nice guy."
Ryan Jimmo
Rashad Evans : “His techniques are advanced but at the same time easy to learn, he makes it look easy and it’s great to have him on the pads”
Ryan Jimmo
Tyrone Spong : “I know Roberto for 15 years now! When I started to train he was one of the elders in the gym. Roberto is a real laid back guy who's very strict, honest and tough as a coach. It feels great to have him around as he's one of the first people to train me so it feels very trusted. His training is very hard, old school and no bullshitting around. A very high pace a lot of different technics you can benefit from if you are a professional athlete or just want to work out to feel good. ”
Eddie Alvarez : “I've had the pleasure of working with Roberto Flamingo and the Results I've got to have been undeniable, With Roberto's emphasis on footwork movement and in and out attacks , It makes striking in MMA easy ,effective and most of all the Highly efficient. On top of Roberto's efficient striking tactics he also happens to be a freak athlete with great energy, He'll not only hold pads for hours but will also join in on the sparring sessions ,which is hard to find in a lot of coaches. He's diligent, on time , and pays attention to detail. Consider yourself lucky if You get a chance to work with him I Do!!”.
Kenny Monday : “Since my arrival in April as the new head wrestling coach for the Blackzilians. Striking coach Roberto Flamingo has been very instrumental in my transition to the team. His tireless work ethic and understanding of MMA is phenomenal. The success of the Blackzilians centers around creating a world class environment that is extremely motivational with the emphasis being strictly on hard work and dedication. Roberto brings many years of experience and is a big factor in the success of our athletes.”.
Ryan Jimmo
Mike VanArsdale : Better is a good thing. A better mousetrap A better cup of coffee A better striking coach....
Roberto Flamingo is not just a better coach, but he is the very best striking coach in the business!

Roberto possesses in depth knowledge and mastery of world class techniques, tactics, strategies and training seqences which provide major advantages for his students. As a highly creative and hardworking innovator, Roberto is largely responsible for many of the world's best striking setups, combinations and drills which continue to be used by successful coaches everywhere. His leadership skills and his ability to produce champions continues to define his legacy as the world's best striking coach. It is my opinion that those who choose to train with Roberto,...I mean those who are willing to put their hearts-and-souls-and-everything else-they-have into really training with Roberto,...will be CHAMPIONS!”
Ryan Jimmo
Ryan Jimmo : My striking coach Dutch Kickboxer Roberto Flamingo Roberto Flamingo is Alistair's striking coach for a long time. “Good guy, great personality. He has a very different kind of style of Dutch kickboxing. A lot of Dutch kickboxing is very straight ahead, left hook then low leg kick, body shot then low leg kick, a lot of basic stuff. But Roberto's style is very intricate. Roberto relies on a lot of feints and tricks and his southpaw stuff is very good and almost like how a karate system would be. Like 10% of the time, he'll show me something and I'll be like I don't know if that works with my karate basics and my years of karate training. And we'll have to switch some stuff up. But 90% of what he shows me is very tricky and intricate Dutch kickboxing-based stuff and it works very well for my style. Roberto is very adaptable, very intelligent, and he's able to see what will work best for my style. We both work, we both adapt a little, and it's a great partnership.”
James McSweeney
James McSweeney : I can't thank my coach enough, since we been back together he give me so many new tools, place rebuilt my old ones, we came from the same stable back in Amsterdam, he knows my personality in and outside the ring, he knows what I need and knows how to bring the very best out of me! I am back to being 100 as I used to be before I started mma!. I am so thankful and honored to have you as my coach and in my corner !!!! Oooouuuusss”
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